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Need a streaming player for your home? Ever heard about Roku? Roku is a streaming device that takes content from internet and play it on your television. Roku facilitates smart and much enhanced technology that can help you to get the best television experience. Based upon the features and performance of Roku setup, there are 6 different model of Roku available but with any model you can access more than 3500 channels. Isn't it amazing? You can control/manage the Roku device with an easy automated interface or you can use your smart phone as there are Android and iPhone Apps are available for the same to manage your Roku. With Roku, there are free content available to stream and paid subscriptions option is also available to access most entertaining channels. And guess what there no monthly payments to use Roku is. Yes, that is what you can get with Roku. You just have to do one thing which is Roku activation. And for Roku Help at any point of time you can contact Roku link activation number or contact us on Roku activation support.

Common Issues For Which We Provide Activation Link Support

  • Roku is unable to connect with WiFi.
  • Unable to sign-in.
  • Unable to get Roku activation Link
  • Roku HDX low or no connectivity with internet.
  • Unable to register Roku device.
  • Roku fail to receive a converted file
  • Roku device keeps rebooting itself
  • Issues related to Roku setup
  • Screen frozen
  • Roku browser screen is blank
  • Unable to operate Roku Menu options
  • Roku keeps disconnecting from Internet/WiFi
  • Netflix issues
  • Roku device is not charging
  • Roku browser processing is slow.
  • Roku youtube app isn't working
  • Roku fail to turn on
  • Roku software upgrade not working.
  • Unable to subscribe to Roku Channels.
  • Roku keeps buffering
  • Roku not powering up
  • Roku activation issues
  • Roku device not connecting with Television


  • Provides 1080p HD support
  • Comes with power remote that has shortcut buttons to access like Hulu, HBO GO, Netflix, etc
  • You can access your personal media on TV through Roku and also you can use your smartphone to manage Roku capabilities. You can take Roku help for any query if you have.
  • You can stream Free & paid both types of content on your TV with Roku.
  • With the search option, you are able to search the free and paid media which makes it very helpful.
  • Easily get the Roku com link code for activation.


Roku is a Media Streaming Device that works over Internet, Roku provides you a variety of Channels. In Roku there are many channels that comes free of cost and there are certain channels for which you need to pay monthly Subscription.

Only if you already have the Subscription to the HULU.

Yes. While the Roku generally streams video clips from the internet, there are a number of ways to get real time or ‘live’ program.

Yes. You can download YouTube application on Roku and get it working

Private channels are channels that are not listed in the Roku Channel Store.

The Roku 4 is the newest model. It features a phone jack in the remote so you can listen privately through a pair of included ear-buds. More information is available at Roku Support.

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