A Quick Guide for Roku Private Channels


Roku has the largest content library available as compared to the other streaming devices. You will get to see more than 5000 channels on your Roku devices. These all are known as public channels. But there are many channels that are hidden and you have to add them by entering Roku com activation code. These channels are known as Roku private channels. These are also known a hidden channels or gems as these are not available in the Roku channel store. These are channels created by the third party developers using the open source code programming of Roku. These are private channels for many reasons like their adult content or the channel is still in development.

But there are many channels that have the content that would attract the attention of the public. For example, there are channels that provide the content for the CNN International, iTunes Podcasts, The Outdoor Cooking Channel, Music Man, and much more. There are many channels that have started as he Roku private channel such as Bloomberg TV, PBS and Plex Media Server, and they are the part of the Roku channel store and are a part of Roku public channels.

Adding Private channels to your Roku setup

  • Adding the Roku private channels is very easy, but you can’t add them from the interface of your Roku device. For adding these channels, you have to go to the My Account page on the website of Roku.
  • You have to click on the welcome(name) link at the menu at the top right side.
  • After this scroll down to the section of manage account and click on the option of adding a channel.
  • After this, you have to enter Roku code for the private channel like ITPC for iTunes Podcasts and click on add channel option.
  • After this, you will have to confirm that you want to add that channel. Once you will do this, then you will see a screen confirming that the channel has been added.
  • The channel will not be directly added to the on-screen listings until the next software update. The next update of the software is done automatically within the next 24hours.

Finding channels and their codes

Though adding the private channel is very easy but finding these channels is a very difficult task since there are very fewer websites that have the listings of these private channels. Also, the lists are very often are out of date and show those channels also that don’t even exist. But there are few websites from where you can find a good stuff of Roku private channels. These websites include The Nowhere Man, The Streaming Advisor, and the Stream Free TV.

Removing a Private Channel

Now you have added so many of the private channels. And you find some of them are not worth and you want to remove them, then the question arises how you can remove them. Here is the quick 1-2-3 way for removing the private Roku channels:

  • Select the channel that you want to remove from the home screen of your device and après the star button on your remote.
  • Now choose the option of remove channel from the popup and press OK from your remote to remove the channel from your device.
  • Repeat this procedure for the other channels also.

So, this was the guide for the Roku private channels and you add or remove them as per your desire.

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