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With Roku Streaming device and TV, you have already waved goodbye to your cable providers. Roku devices, being a source of endless free entertainment, we asked our customers to review their free favorite channels categorized in the Roku channel store. Some of them are listed as follows and let us know if they are your favorite as well.

Youtube: Youtube has got 4 stars and makes a direct way to your Roku TV screens. It gives you a long list of channels to subscribe such as music channels, travel-related informative channels and much more.

Pluto TV: With 3.5 stars rating, Pluto TV is the heartbeat to entertain our customers. It lets you watch a maximum number of channels that you can’t even think of!

CBS News: This channel streams 24/7 news digitally, broadcasts CBS’s award-winning programs, Morning and Evening News. Like other channels, CBS news channel allows you to watch as per your demands.

Crackle: Again with 3.5 rating, Crackle is home to free entertainment. You can watch this channel on your Roku device for free, anytime and anywhere. This channel is a source for free movies and TV shows.

Boomerang: Stream full seasons of your favorite cartoon shows like Scooby-Do, Tom, and Jerry, Popeye, etc. for free. Boomerang has a massive cartoon collection, letting you watch more than 500 cartoon shows you have loved since your childhood.

Genius Kitchen: Genius Kitchen is a destination for viewers, who love to cook. While watching streaming videos, ‘Get Recipes’ prompts. Just click on this prompt and a recipe email is sent to you.

Reuters TV: This channel is authorized for personalized video news. With more than 2500 journalists and 200 different locations worldwide, it offers exclusive news as per your interests and geographic location.

These were some of the in-demand free favorite channels according to Roku customers. Tune in to Roku channel store and enjoy your favorite channels for free!

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