How to find 4K HDR movies and TV shows on Roku

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If you have a smartphone, then must know that for getting any application you have to use App Store. In the same way for getting the channels or adding them to your Roku device, you access Roku channel store whether from your device or from the web. The channels that you get for watching on your Roku device include both paid and free channels. For watching the paid channels, you will have to the subscription which could be monthly or one-time payment. Among these channels, there are some channels that offer the content in 4K UHD resolution. But doing all this, you need to on Roku activation code link and activate your device otherwise you will not be able to watch any content.


Finding 4K channels in Roku channel Store

The Roku channel store is easily accessible from Roku streaming device.

  • For going on the main screen, you have to press the home button on your remote control.
  • Now scroll down and choose the option of streaming channels.
  • Now choose from the available streaming channels which offer 4k UHD content.
  • In case of any difficulty, you can take Roku support.

You can also access Roku channel even when you are not in front of your device. You can do this from your PC or smartphone.

  • For this go to official Roku website and choose Roku channel store from there.
  • Now choose My account option and then sign in to your account. Here at the top of the screen, you will find a section of categories and genres that you can explore. For choosing the 4K UHD content, you have to scroll left or right and then you can select the content of your choice.

Adding channel offering 4k content

When you find any channel who is offering 4k UHD content, then adding that channel to your channel list is very easy. After some time if you feel that you don’t want that channel anymore, then the removal of the channel is very easy. For this, you can take Roku setup technical help.

Finding 4K content across multiple channels

You must know that there is a 4K Spotlight channel on your Roku device that is compatible all the 4K UHD content along with the list of channels which offer the 4k content. Here are the steps that you need to follow for accessing the 4k Spotlight channel on your device:

  • Press the home button on your remote control for going on the main screen of your Roku device.
  • Now choose home so that you can view the channel lineup. While browsing if you want to jump up or down one or more pages at the time, then you can press the channel up and down buttons.
  • Now select the 4k Spotlight channel.
  • When you choose any channel from 4k Spotlight channel, then you will be redirected towards the content offered by the channel. If you don’t see that channel installed on your device, then you will be prompted to do that before you view any 4k content. This 4k Spotlight channel will not be available for the channel which is not compatible with 4k UHD content. In case of any query, you can take Roku setup technical help.

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