How can an issue be resolved while activating or linking Roku streaming device?

Roku Activation

Before you start using your Roku device, you need to activate it. For doing Roku link code activation, you have to link it to your Roku account. This is an account that keeps all the information related to all the devices owned by you and channels installed by you, along with your preferences and settings. During the activation process, you will have to go the website and complete the activation process. But there are times when you face some issues while activating your Roku device.

Here are some the issues that you can face while activating Roku, along with their troubleshooting steps:

Error while entering the link code on the website

If you face any issue during entering the code in Roku activate link on the website, then it might be a typing error or a temporary network or system error. For resolving this issue, you have to:

• Go to your Roku device and press the start button on the Roku remote and select Get a new code option.

• After getting the code, go to the website and enter the code.

Roku device struck on code entering screen

Sometimes your Roku gets struck on the screen of entering the code, then you must wait for few seconds as the whole process takes some time. But if it still stands on the same screen, make sure that you have completed all the steps of activating Roku device. Completion of all the activation steps is necessary since missing out even a single step will stop your device from being activated.

Error 001

If you see an error message of error 001 on your screen while entering the code along with the message not connected, then it means that your Roku streaming device is not connected to the network. Choose the option of try again along with your internet connection.

So, these were some common errors and their simple troubleshooting steps so that you can get a flawless experience of your Roku device.

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