How can Linking Issues on Roku Players be fixed?

Roku Activation

You will not be able to activate your Roku device until you will link it with your Roku account. This linking is necessary since your Roku account contains all the information related to the devices owned by you and the channels installed by you on your device. Your preferences and settings are also saved on your Roku account. Roku users must know that activation of their Roku device is necessary since without activating your device you won’t be able to watch your favorite content with this device. For activating your Roku, you have to visit the site on your PC or smartphone. There you have to enter the code that you will get from your TV screen and after entering the code your device will be activated.

Now the issue arises when the people enter Roku link code activation. They will get an error message despite entering the correct code for the second time. Without coming on to the next screen after entering the code, the device will not be activated. Here are some steps that you can follow for resolving this issue:

  • On your Roku device click on the option of Help > Get a new code.
  • After this, you will get a new code and you have to go again to the website and enter the new code.

There is another issue that has been faced by the Roku user which is that Roku has stuck on the Roku link code screen and not going further on any screen. If you face some issue, then here the steps that you can try:

  • Firstly, check that all the activation steps have been completed properly because if the steps have not been completed, Roku will not proceed further.
  • In case Roku sends you the error message with error code 001 or not connected, then this might be the issue of non-connectivity with the internet. So, check your internet connection and click on try again option.

The process of setting up Roku is very easy if you get the right activation code. But this process becomes difficult if there arise any technical bug in it. Then you have to take Roku supportsince this is the only option left then.

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