How can the Issue of streaming Vudu on Roku4 be fixed?

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While streaming the content from Vudu on your Roku 4, you might confront some obstacles. Even the some of the issues have also been reported while playing the contents in HDX or UHD formats. Due to these streaming issues, the users have been facing the issue of buffering and they are not been able to play the content even in the low quality. The main reason behind these issues could be the low bandwidth of your internet that prohibits the 4k quality videos from playing on Roku devices. Are you also facing the same issues? Then there is no need to look anywhere else. We will tell the reasons behind this issue and the ways to fix the issue. You can also take Roku support in case of any query.

Before troubleshooting the media player or the app, we would suggest you check the speed of your internet connection. This can be done by through many online tasks. For playing the HD or 4k videos, you will need the minimum speed of 50 Mbps is needed. If the speed of your internet connection is lagging behind the minimum speed, then watching videos flawlessly will not be possible. The second possible solution is to troubleshoot your internet connection by restarting all the network related devices, including router and modem. You must restart your router followed by the modem. One thing that you will find with the Vudu app is that if you will try to open the app with the Samsung smart TV, then it will work smoothly without any hindrance. In that case, there is no need to contact any support center or check out for the Roku link code activation.

Now you might be clear that whether the issue is with Roku media player or Vudu app. If the issue is with the media player then there is some more information that you must know. Roku is the device that comes packed with 1.5GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage and even then it needs frequent memory cleaning for the smooth functioning of the device otherwise the device will start freezing. For clearing the memory, you will have to turn off the Roku 4 player by unplugging it from the power adapter. Then wait for few seconds, and restart it. After that open the roku link activation Roku, enter your credentials and sign into your Roku. Now you can try to stream the content again.

For adjusting the power settings of Roku player, go to settings > system> finally power. Here you will have to choose the option of system restart. Your device will automatically shut down within 30 minutes of regular use. There is one more issue that you can face with your Roku 4 while streaming Vudu. This is the issue related to heating of Roku device while you are using it. Due to this issue, Roku device keeps on turning off and then restart after coming to the normal temperature. You can solve this issue by upgrading the firmware version of the device. The best way to get rid of this issue permanently is to turn off the device when it is not in use.

If your Roku 4 is upgrading its software itself, then it is good and if not, then you will have to check the Roku home settings and check out for the system update from the list of options. If still, you face some issue, then you can contact the support center.

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