Setup Your Wireless Network on Roku device


When you use your Roku device at home, then you will have to connect it to the home wireless network and for this, you have entered the name and password of your network. The Roku Setup scans all the available networks and presents a list in front of you in the order of the signal strength. Getting connected to a network is necessary since you will need the internet for getting Roku activation link for device activation and for getting content for streaming.

Sometimes the wireless network is also called as SSID. This is either the default name set by the manufacturer of the router or your ISP or the name chosen by you during the network setup.

How to Find the Name

For finding the name of your wireless network at your Roku platform, then follow these steps or you can take Roku help & support:

  • First of all, check from which connection you have connected your mobile and PC. You will have to connect Roku to the same connection.
  • If you are unable to see your network name in the list of available networks, then Choose your network screen. After that choose again to see all the available networks. This will show you the complete list of all the available networks nearby including your own network.
  • You can take the support of router manufacturers or network connection provider if you are unable to remember the name of your network. Sometimes the default name can be found at the bottom of the router.

Getting the Password:

Follow these steps for getting the password of your network:

  • Firstly, enter the same password that you use while connecting your PC or mobile.
  • If you don’t remember the password of your network connection, then you can take the support of network service provider or router manufacturer. Sometimes the default password is listed at the bottom of the router.
  • After connecting to the network, you can easily get the Activate Roku com link code and then your desired content.

Tips for Entering Passwords:

  • Here are some tips that you should know when you enter any password of your wireless network:
    Passwords are always case sensitive.
  • You can select the option of show password or hide password which is available on the password entry screen. This will help you in viewing or hiding your password while entering and also prevent the entry of the wrong password if you choose to show password option.

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