How can you use More Ways to Watch feature on Roku TV?

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There is an opt-in feature in your Roku Tv which is known as More Ways to Watch by which you can stream live broadcast shows from the starting, find full episodes missed by you, even you can discover the similar shows and movies along with watching the relevant ads. Roku help can be taken to get more information about this stunning feature of your Roku TV.

This feature uses Automatic content recognition(ACR) technology that helps Roku in identifying the TV show or movie that ou are watching through the devices connected to the inputs of Antenna TV & HDMI which includes over the air cable/satellite and broadcast set top boxes. But the biggest drawback of this feature is that it is only available in the United States.

Enabling & Disabling

This feature is not enabled by default and you have to enable it manually for using it.For this follow these steps or you can also take Roku technical help in case of any difficulty:

Press the home button form your remote control for opening the main screen.

  • Scroll up and down and find settings menu.
  • Now choose the option of More Ways to watch.
  • Now press on the right of your Roku remote and enable or disable the More ways to watch by pressing OK for selecting or clearing the check box and press star for getting the detailed information. You can also enable the auto notifications check box if you want notifications.

Viewing Options

There are mainly three viewing options that you see in More ways to watch:

Watch from Beginning

This section shows you the streaming channels which offer the same content as watched by you. You can choose your desired streaming service and watch the same content from the beginning.

More Episodes

This section lets you jump to the list of the episodes of the current season of the TV series that you are watching. Form there you can navigate all the available episodes.

More like This

This section displays the movies or shows with the same characteristics that you are watching. In the case of any difficulty, you can contact Roku customer support number.

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