How iPhone/iPad can be mirrored to Roku

Roku Activation

The mirroring of the iPhone or iPad is not that easy as of any Android device because of the restrictions of that iPhone has. However, there are many apps available for the casting the content, but they mainly work for the streaming the screen of iPhone or iPad to RC rather than TV. Even the apps that are available in the App Store, then need the usage of the Apple TV only. Due to all these restrictions, Roku has started making its mark in the field and you can connect Roku setup to iPhone and then mirror it to the TV. When you saved movies for watching them later in your bedroom or living room, then Roku is the best choice to watch movies later by streaming your iPhone to your TV. Besides this, instead of buying PS4 or Wii U, you can download the game of your choice and then play it your TV.

Mirroring iPhone or iPad to your Roku

Now you know all the reasons behind the screen mirroring of iPhone or iPad to the TV with the help of Roku. Here we have come up with a small guide that will help you in knowing the process of mirroring the screen or your iPhone or iPad to your TV:

  • To start with, go to the Network option and connect your Roku to the Wi-Fi connection and it should be the same connection to with you have connected to your iPhone. If you are unable to connect your Roku to the wi-fi, then check whether the process of Roku link activation has been completed or not.
  • After this, setup the Roku play device. For this, go to Settings and then select the option of the system. Click on the option of a system update for checking the version of the device. If it using the latest version, then you can go ahead and if not, then update your device to the latest version.
  • After doing this go back to the system, then choose the option of screen mirroring and enable the feature of screen mirroring.
  • After setting the Roku play device, now you can mirror iPhone to Roku.
  • For mirroring the screen of your iPhone, go to App Store, download the Roku app, and launch it on your device.
  • When you will open the app, it will automatically display the available devices.
  • Now tap your TV to connect and the mirroring will begin.
  • You can choose the content of your choice for mirroring the screen on your TV. But make sure to connect your Roku & iPhone to the same network.

Issues that you might face while screen mirroring

Since Roku is the new product in the field of screen mirroring on TV, so there might be some issues that you might confront and surely, they can be improved.

  • You may encounter the issue of delay playing with the video. At that time, just wait for the video to play itself and don’t get panic.
  • Another issue that may face is the time lag between the visuals and the videos that you are streaming.
  • Another issue is the stopping of mirroring feature in between. In that case, check for the display of the screen whether it is on or off.
  • Another issue is that mirroring feature sometimes doesn’t work while you stream iPhone or iPad to the Roku. Just turn it off and repeat all the steps for enabling the mirroring feature. Also, check for the completion of activation process when you enter activation Roku code.

But if you are unable to use Roku for mirroring your device to the TV, then the another option that you can try is using Apower Mirror. First of all, you will have to download the application on your PC, then connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC via AirPlay after connecting to the same network and start streaming. Another thing that you have to do is to use HDMI cable for connecting the PC to the TV and display the screen of PC on the TV. Though this way is a little bit complicated, still this can also be tried and this works effectively.

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