How To Setup And Activate Your Roku Device


For decades, people have subscribed to cable and satellite TV to watch their favorite shows and latest movies, news, etc. As soon as the price started to rise, however, Web took over cables and TVs. Nowadays, people prefer viewing their favorite video content over the Internet. Here, the term ‘Internet’ is referred to as Streaming.

Streaming gives flexibility to viewers to directly jump onto the feeds avoiding absurd advertisements.

How does Roku streaming device work?

Roku streaming devices takes content from a cable or Wi-Fi connection via the Internet. This device can be connected to any video display device – TV, desktop or mobile phone using proper input connections and displays hassle-free outputs.

With the Roku streaming device, you can watch your favorite shows or movies endlessly with zero buffering

How to activate your Roku device?

The very first step to activate your Roku device is to create your Roku account with a valid email address and Roku Link Code Activation it to your device. Your account password should contain strong characters followed by proper guidelines to avoid hacking or any other damage in future. This is to be done as the account also compiles and saves highly secured information like the details about the Roku streaming device you own, your favorite installed channels, preferences, settings and much

Steps to activate your device

  1. Follow the Quick Start Guide that comes with Roku device package.
  2. As instructed in the guide, complete the process properly to connect your device to the Internet. Once the process is completed, your device may be asked to download new software.
  3. Further, a link code is displayed on your screen.
  4. Note the link code and go to on your device you own.
  5. Now, enter the link code and click Submit. In case, you get any error or get stuck anywhere, learn How to resolve issues activating your Roku Streaming Device.

Note: You need to complete all the steps on the website itself before heading back to your Roku device else your device will show an error and will not be activated.

Follow the instructions properly while creating your account and if you already have an account, log in to your existing account.

After creating a new Roku account, you will be asked to choose your payment mode. The payment mode can be in the form of credit cards or PayPal. This payment method helps you in future purpose say if you want to subscribe to your favorite channels, rent or buy any popular TV show or movie, etc.

Furthermore, this payment method is not chargeable to your account. You will be charged for purchases like signing up for a subscription, buying any movie or TV show or adding a new channel to your list from the Roku store. Plus, you can prevent your account from any unlicensed purchases.

Now, you have successfully activated your Roku device. Your device is ready to use.


If you follow the above process properly, you would be able to install your Roku streaming device with no trouble and this procedure hardly takes half an hour. Hence, by and activate this device in your TV, desktop or laptop and leverage its functionalities.

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