How To Activate Youtube On Roku


Without any doubt, everyone knows that YouTube is one of the best platforms that provide you with a large number of videos and shows content at no cost. You can find anything on YouTube from action shows to entertainment even educational stuff as per your requirement. But what if you can see all of that videos on a large screen on your TV, earlier you have seen YouTube videos on mobile phones tablet or maybe on your desktop or laptop, but now you can enjoy the same video content on your large screen as well with the help of a Roku service platform.

So there are too many smart TV which are coming on the market where you can see YouTube. You need to sign in, to enjoy the service properly and these all things will don’t take that much of time. If you don’t have the smart TV still you can make your regular TV a smart TV with the help of Roku streaming device and Roku is one of the best streaming devices which is available in the market. Basically, Roku allows you to see the chargeable or free content from the variety of channels. YouTube is also one of the channels which are available on Roku devices for free of cost. If you want to see your all YouTube subscription and your playlist simply you can log in with your YouTube account.

First, you need to identify that your Roku device will support YouTube or not, so as of now all the Roku devices support the YouTube channels officially accept one Roku device which they have launched in 2010. So if you have the first Roku model which was launched in 2010 then you will not be able to find the YouTube channel so in order to activate YouTube in your first model of Roku 2010 then you need to subscribe a channel named as twonky channel and which is a paid channel. After identifying your device you are ready for activating YouTube so below we will discuss few steps to get YouTube on the Roku Streaming Devices.


STEP 1: First connect your Roku device with your Roku account, then sign in to your Roku account and make sure that you are connected with your Wi-Fi.

STEP 2: So if you are not at your home screen then kindly press home button from your Roku remote.

STEP 3: Then you have to go to the Roku channel store and then press OK

STEP 4: Then you have to go to the TOP FREE category in the channel store and then kindly select YouTube and then hit OK

STEP 5: Then you will see the option of ADD CHANNEL then press OK

STEP 6: Then just wait for 30-40 second so that YouTube will be added to your channel listing and if you want to check that the channel is added or not then go to channel list you will find YouTube there.

STEP 7: Then select YouTube and then press the OK button to open the channel.

STEP 8: Then you have to select GEAR ICON which is at the left side of the screen.

STEP 9: Then you will get an option of sign in, kindly enter your Google or YouTube username and password so that you can able to see all your playlist and subscriptions.

STEP 10: Then Roku will give you 8 digit code so please remember that code.

STEP 11: Now you need to go to where you have to enter your sign-in information

STEP 12: After that, it will ask you the 8 digit code then kindly enter link code which is on your screen and then click next to proceed and if it ask then click on allow access and that’s how you can add your YouTube on your Roku.

These are the simple and very easy way to get YouTube working on the Roku Streaming devices and on Roku Smart TV. YouTube is also working with other smart TV’s like Sony, Hitachi, LG, Apple, and Samsung etc. All these information should be enough for the getting YouTube on the Roku, but if still, you face any concern you can contact Roku support for help. Roku USA support and Roku Canada Support will be available 24/7 through live chat and through their customer care toll-free phone number. There are no charges for the technical support.

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