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Despite having enough channels, there are some private channels that can be installed on a Roku device only by using the channel’s dedicated access code. Such secretive codes are disclosed only by the developer of the channel and hence, cannot be easily found in the Roku channel store. These channels are private because they are either in beta or require a membership.

Why does Roku provide private channels service?

Developers need to test if their channels are functioning properly and these private channels let them reach to a small set of users before any official release of the channel in the channel store. In fact, there are some publishers, who limit the distribution of their channels only to employees.

Why can Roku block the use of these private channels?

Roku may remove/block any of these private channels for many reasons.

These channels are violating copyright.
They might contain illegal/adult content.
These private channels are not up to Roku’s terms and conditions.

When any private channel affiliated to your Roku account is removed or blocked for breaching Roku’s terms and conditions, then your Roku account is blocked from adding further private channels.

How to get to know if a private channel violates Roku’s terms and conditions?

All channels in the Roku channel store are abode by Roku’s terms and conditions. They are allowed to distribute legal content. Initially, Roku doesn’t test if any private channel is violating its terms and conditions. If by any means, Roku later finds that the private channel is messing up with Roku’s terms and conditions by either distributing content that violates copyrights or illegal content, then Roku may have to remove that channel. Therefore, users must be cautious while installing and watching private channels.

How to add private channels to your Roku streaming device?

To download and add any private channel, follow the steps as instructed.

Visit the homepage of Roku’s official website from your computer or mobile device.
A sign-in window pops up, enter the login credentials of your Roku account.
Now, go to ‘Manage’ option and select Add channel with a code.
Enter the channel code dispensed by the channel provider, and click on Add Channel.

Be cautious of the warning message that prompts after adding any private channel. Plus, the channel is not added immediately to your Roku device. Your device automatically checks after every 24 to 36 hours for any channel you have added from the store and installs it. Also, you can download the channel manually. All you need to do is select Settings > System > System Update > Check now. Once downloaded, new channels are added to the Home screen of your device. Now, you can enjoy by streaming these private channels as much as you want.


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