How to Enter Roku Link Code?


Do you know? When you connect your Roku player to your TV, then you must have to activate the Roku with Roku Link Activation Code. Once you set up your Roku device, you will receive a code on your TV screen, just enter that code and you are done with the Roku Activation.

In order to activate your Roku, please enter the link code on your TV. Make sure you have connected the appropriate input cables to connect the Roku to your TV. Now, switch on your TV and your television will show the Roku logo.

However, open your web browser and go to the link Here you will find a space to enter the Roku code which is displayed on the screen of your TV. In case, your code attempt rejected, then you need to access your Roku remote and Tap the HELP button to generate the new code.

If you want to access Netflix, so you need to subscribe the channels by purchasing it. For payment mode, you need to fill the required information in text form and press continue button at the end.

Here is an exciting feature of Roku; you can select all the channels you want to add to your Channel store. Now you can select all the channels you want to add to your Roku. Open the Channel store and select the channels as much as you want, but you need to select at least one and click continue button.

Arbitrary of Roku Activation

  • Enter the code you received on your TV at code activation using a tablet. Select your favorite channels and subscribe then by purchasing if the channels are paid.
  • You can also enable the Voice Search option from your mobile app. Now you can enjoy streaming by Say it, stream it.
  • Roku streaming player can stream HD content in 720p, 1080p or 4k resolution depending on the model of your Roku player.

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