How do you Factory Reset your Roku

Roku device

Roku is the device by which you get the access to millions of content which includes both on-demand and live content. But there are times when it gives you trouble and you need to do a factory reset. By doing the factory reset of the device, the issues like connectivity issues, Roku activation code link issues, and much more get resolved. But when you are giving away your device to your friend or selling your device, then also the factory reset of the device is required. The reason behind doing this is that you don’t want and you shouldn’t leave your Roku account connected with the device. Your Roku account contains a lot more information such as your credit card number since it helps you in paying for your rentals & subscriptions, which you should not share with anyone. It also contains the information related to the accounts of services such a Netflix, Hulu, and much more, held by you and you must not be interested in giving this information to anyone else.

The full credit goes to the technology and the features provided by the Roku setup, now you can reset your Roku device anytime and that too very easily & in few simple steps. You just have to go to Settings > System > Advanced System settings > factory reset and here you will get an option of doing a factory reset of your device. If you find any issue, then you can take Roku setup technical help.

After this, you will have to enter the numerical code for beginning the process of factory reset. This is just to make this option a little bit complicated so that it doesn’t get triggered easily. Now enter the code with the help of your Roku remote and the process of reset will begin. This process will leave your Roku in the same look as it was when you first started it. All the channels and settings will also be disappeared along with your accounts that you hold for the various services including Roku account also.

If you are giving away an older version of the Roku device, then there are the chances that you will not be able to find this option in the menu. But still, you can perform the factory reset of your Roku device with the help of the remote of your device. For performing the factory reset process, you will have to press the home button for the 5 times, a fast forward button for 3 times, and rewind button 2 times. When you will do this, a secret screen will launch and it will provide you all the information related to Roku device and factory reset process & button. Now you have to choose the option of factory reset option from there and it will ask you whether you are sure that you want to perform the process of factory reset. After this select, the option of performing the factory reset and the process will start. In case of any difficulty, you can take the Roku setup support.

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