How To Use Mobile As a Roku Remote Control

Roku Activation

Roku mobile app, a free application for Android and iOS devices that act as a bridge between smartphone and Roku users. Basically, it allows you to control your streaming device by turning your smartphone into a remote center to operate any of the Roku streaming devices. Just install this app in your phone and let the device bounce as per your order.

What happens if things turn the other way round? What will you do if the device doesn’t find any connection with the app?

You need to check a few points and if things aren’t well connected, then do as instructed below in different situations.

Check if your device and phone are connected to the same wireless network.

If your device is using a public IP address, then change its settings by clicking on Settings > Network > About. Plus, you need to install the router to manage the IP addresses else contact your ISP to fix this issue.

Note: If your Roku device is using a private IP address, then it must fall within the following ranges:

Start End

By default, your router has an AP isolation enabled. Contact your ISP to disable this setting.
Make sure your device is not connected to your VPN as it causes interference by its own VPN applications. These obstacles make your Roku device invisible.

After trying the above-mentioned steps, if still, you don’t find your device connected to the app, then try the following.

At the bottom of the Discovery Screen, click on Connect Manually and enter the IP address of your Roku device. You can also find the address by clicking on Settings > Network > About from your device.

Now, restart your Roku device and make sure it is connected to the appropriate wireless network.

Restart your mobile app as well to launch Roku app icon. The process is different for Android and iOS users. For iOS users, you need to double click on the home button and swipe the app to close it. Once closed, tap on the app icon to launch. For Android users, press the Recent buttons and swipe the app to close. When closed, launch the app icon by tapping on it.

For better speed and coverage, your router must deploy two signals. They are also referred as dual-band routers as they transmit data at the lower 2.4 GHz and at the higher 5 GHz. When you are done connecting your devices to the wireless network, you are given the choices to include more than one network with a similar name. Ensure that your devices are connected to the same band and network name.

These were some of the situations that you can come across while connecting your Roku app with your device. Though it is as easy as activating a new device. Now, you can happily enjoy streaming from your phone as well!

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