How to Reboot your Roku without Stopping it?

The Roku Streaming Player is a streak of streaming players fabricated by Roku. As all the users of Roku must know that the Roku doesn’t have a power button that means there is no way to restart the device. Now, you may consider that it is a major problem when things got crashed and you are unable to update the system and you are unable to add the private channels. So doesn’t hassle here is a team of well organized and well trained Roku Tech Support, which will help you with every problem. You just need to dial the Roku Link Code Activation Service Number which is available for you.


You just go to the main Menu and select Settings, then over to the System and just click on System Restart. It is as simple as displays.

In order to do software reboot when your Roku got crashed. You will find an integration of buttons you can press to forcefully restart the software. For more information, just communicate with our Roku Customer Support team which will assist you anytime when you need.

Just follow the steps given and you have done with this:-

  • Hold the Home button and press it for five times.
  • Select the arrow up for once.
  • Press the Rewind button two times.
  • Choose the Fast Forward button two times in the series.

The following buttons should be selected in the sequence as said and you find the menu at the side of your Roku when you scroll a while. In the course of time, your Roku will turn off and after a few seconds, you will see the popup notification of Roku boot. Finally, your Roku is now restarting. It will boot up as it usually does and you can access it after you manage your remote control to pair it on their own. During the Boot sequence, your already installed private channels get installed itself.

In any case, you get glitches or problems using your Roku TV and you unable to restart our well skilled, professionally trained Roku activation link experts which are always ready to help you. The team is very dedicating to serve you by providing you the best solutions. Just contact our toll-free number +1-844-717-2888

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