Solution, If Roku Activation Code Not Working

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Are you aware of Roku link activation code and its importance in activating Roku device?
Basically, it is the initial link code used for activating the device while installation. Once the process completes, you can leverage its streaming services.

To leverage such functionalities, you need to activate your device first. This would require you to perform the below-discussed guidelines as instructed, to get your device activated.

  • Visit the homepage of the official Roku website from your browser.
  • Make sure your device is connected to your TV, switch on the TV and note down the activation code that flashes on your screen.
  • Copy the code displayed on your TV, onto the browser.
  • By clicking on ‘Submit’ button, your device automatically gets linked.
  • Now, you can select the channels, to which you want to link to your account.
  • Further, you can find ‘My Account’ option at the top corner of your device that lets you view your player’s serial number under the linked device’s section.

What to do if your ‘Activation Code’ get struck?

You may find yourself stuck in some situations where it takes time to activate your device even after receiving the activation code. This could be because of several reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Getting impatient and not letting your device load.
  • The Roku player might be downloading or upgrading the software.
  • Your internet connection might be weak or jumpy.

If you don’t face the above-mentioned situations, then you need to contact Roku customer care.

A Need of New Activation Code

There could be circumstances where you need to activate a new code because your previously generated code would have either expired before usage, or you could be unable to use the code. In such situations, you need to activate a new code.

Follow as instructed below, to generate a new code to link to your account successfully.

  • Make sure your TV is switched on when you generate a code. If your TV doesn’t display a code, switch it off for a few minutes. Also, switch off the Roku player and switch it on.
  • Enter the code in the browser to link your account.
  • To check whether your account is linked or not, login to your Roku account. You can also check it with Linked devices.
  • If the serial number doesn’t appear, wait for sometime to get the link code updated. If neither of these happens, then you need to use the ‘Help’ section to generate a new code.

These were some of the circumstances that may land you in trouble while generating a code. Stay tuned for more Roku updates, till then happy streaming!

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