Resolving the connectivity issues of Roku TV

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Roku is an astonishing device that gives you the access to the millions of stuff for streaming and watching on the big screen of your TV. For making a device to work, you will have to connect it with an internet connection preferable wireless network. But sometimes while connecting this device to the internet can give you some trouble. So, you can take Roku com support for resolving these issues or you try out these quick fixes before approaching the support center.

Correct name of network

The selection of wrong network name will create connectivity issues. So, check carefully the name of your network and select that only from the list of the available networks.

Correct password

Make sure to enter the correct password of your network. Remember password is always case sensitive. So, click on the option of show password so that you can see what you are entering.

Check the router

Check the working of your router by using other devices with your router. If they are working perfectly then your router is fine.

Improve the signal strength

If the name and password of your network are correct and the router is working perfectly, then check the signal strength of your device that it is getting. You can check it from your Roku device and for this, you can also take help of Roku tech support. Remove any barriers in between Roku device and router so that your device can receive clear and fast signals. Also, you need to check that your router or modem is getting signals properly.

Reset your Roku & router

The last option that is left is to restart your Roku device and router both. For restarting the Roku player, go to settings > system > system restart. For restarting Roku TV go to settings > system > power > system restart. The other way of restarting your device is to unplug it from the power source for few seconds and then restart it after connecting again to the power source.

If you want to restart your router, then you can check the instructions from your router or ISP vendor. The other simple way of doing this is to unplug it from the power outlet and then plug it again and in some cases, you just need to press the restart button and your router will reboot. If you are still facing the issue, then you can take Roku setup technical help.

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