Roku Help for Adding Private and Public Roku Channels

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Your Roku device provides you the access to more than 3000 channels. But there are chances that you will get the access to the only handful of the channels rather than getting all the channels. The limited number of channels will fix your streaming as well. Each Roku device comes with almost a dozen or so channels that are inbuilt which include the channels like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. But if you want to add more channels or by any chance deletes any channel and wants that back, how will do that. Don’t worry, here the process that you will need to follow:

Roku tech support for Public channels

You will get all the channels on any Roku device from the Roku channel store. Here you will get almost every channel that you can think of. Roku channel is very easy to access and use and you can easily find the channel of your choice by accessing the main menu option. You can do all this only after completing the process of Roku activation properly.

First of all, choose the streaming channels from the main menu.

If you know the channel that you want to add, then choose the Search channels option.

After this enter, the name of the channel and the search will locate the channels.

But if you want to browse the channels, you can choose any other option.

In Roku channel store you will find the categories of New, popular, recommended, and free channels. Here you can also find the hidden gems that will never pop up on your service. The search can also be done by movies, TV shows, games and many other types of apps.


Private channels

Due to many reasons, every channel is not available on the Roku platform through the official Roku channel store. The content offered by some channels are adult and some channels are not interested in jumping the hoops that are necessary for the official listing of a channel. These channels come under the category of private Roku channels and they are completely safe, useful and somewhat offbeat.

The working of every private Roku channel is different so there is no fixed tutorial for installing these private channels on your Roku device. There are sites like Rokuguide that do the admirable job like this and helps in installing these private channels. For adding these channels, you must know the code of these channels, then you can easily add them. In the case of any query or information, you can contact Roku customer support number.

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