How to set up your Roku TV

Roku Activation

Roku TV, which is also known as Smart TV, includes built-in apps and provides several services such as web browser, predefined games and much more. Roku tv offers more than 1000 channels and a massive range of videos, pictures, music and other content from both the Internet and your smartphone. The pre-defined radio station, music player, and video player is also included in Roku tv. In other words, it is a small tiny box full of entertainment where you can get the immediate entertainment with the help of Roku device. In case you face any error or issue while at the time of setup and troubleshooting, you should click on settings button > choose an option of system > to select an option for getting the solution of your problem. Before you begin using your Roku, first of all, you have to inbox it, plug in the included base, create the connection and complete the setup. The Roku setup guide is also included in the box of your Roku TV.


  • Connect your Roku device to the internet connection and your Roku account to streaming content.
  • You can connect to your traditional TV id you are not connected to the network. Additionally, you will require some more streaming equipment such as an antenna, cable, satellite box, and more.

Setup Instructions

    • Put batteries into the remote of Roku:
    • Your Roku television remote comes with the matching pair of batteries of the perfect size with packed box.
    • Insert the batteries after removing the back cover of the remote.
    • Attach the back cover of the remote again.
Switch On your Roku Television:
    • The indicator light under the TV screen should be ON, which lets you know that your Tv has the power supply.
    • Press the power button on your Roku remote, the standby light will go off.After you will the Tv startup screen will appear.
    • After a few minutes, the first setup screen will appear on your TV screen
    • If you want to use the text to speech screen reader feature known as an Audio guidethen you will need to press the * button 4 timesThe audio guide is only available in the English language.
Select Language
    • After powering on Roku TV, the first screen will offer you to select the language in which you are comfortable.
    • Scroll up/ down the language list.
    • Choose the language of your choice and press OK button.
Selection of your country
    • Now you will have to choose your country, in which you are living or using your Roku Tv.
    • After this, click on the next button.
Select Home Use
    • Choose your Home use, if you are not setting up your Roku for the store use.
    • After this, click on the next button.
Create your connection with the network
    • Choose your wireless network, in case you have more than one wi-fi connection.
    • If your network is password protected, then enter the password of your wi-fi.
    • Click on the option of show password, if you want to see your password.
    • After thisclick on connect button.
Download latest software:
    • When your Roku Tv is connected to the network, then it automatically downloads or updates the Roku OS software and reboots it.
    • Create your Roku account
    • You have to create your Roku account for doing Roku activation of your device.With your Roku device; you can buy or add free and paid channels from the Roku channel store.
    • In order to activate your Roku, follow the prompts that will display on your TV screen and Roku link code. You have to enter your activation code into the site in your smartphone or web.
Attach your device
  • If you haven’t connected your devices till now, then connect them now such as DVD Player, Blu-ray Player or gaming console. For using home theater or sound bar with your Roku TV, you will have to connect them as well.
  • Now switch on all your connected devices. While doing this, choose the option of Everything is Plugin or Turned On.
  • After this, press ok button for confirmation and select Ok again.
  • After this, give the name and icon of your device, After some time your screen will show the window along with the playing program of the device which is connected to the input.
  • Now, press OK button for making your selection.
  • Now repeat all these steps until you are done with this.

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