Roku’s Ad-supported coming to Samsung TVs

The customers of Samsung TV will now have an entertaining summer this year. Last year, an ad-supported free film channel was launched by Roku which was initially available to the Roku player, Roku stick and Roku TVs which was available after doing Roku com/link code activation. But Roku is spreading its wings beyond the devices who don’t have the Roku software running on them. The company is bringing it’s that free ad-supported film channel now to Samsung smart TVs in the coming summer.

This was the announcement made by the Roku company. This statement came along with the fact that the company is looking to bring its channel and trying to reach its customers through the devices of third parties. This popular ad-supported channel will bring its customers the Hollywood hit TV and movies to the Roku customers.

The channel which was launched last year has already reached in the list of the top 20 channels in the Roku platform. You just need to click on the Roku activation link  for adding this channel on your Roku platform. This Roku channel has proved to a tremendous success as it has been providing its customers the free entertainment of their choice. This channel has almost half of the advertising per programming hour which is also followed by the traditional TV channels. The company has provided the exact date on which the TV channel will be available on Samsung TVs. The catalogs featured in this channels include Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers. This will also help in monetizing the video inventory of the company. Now it will be interesting to see which platform will be the next target of Roku.

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