Roku Streaming Stick Plus Working Slow


Roku introduced its first streaming stick in 2012 that effectively turns any normal TV into a smart TV. It acts as a great solution if people are looking for streaming channels from Youtube or Netflix. As Roku streaming stick is an electronic device rendering streaming channels with zero buffering, it is natural to encounter unexpected errors such as slow streaming.

Despite numerous devices available for streaming channels, slow streaming is still one of the major problems. Let’s discuss how this can be resolved.

Proper Network Connectivity: There could be several factors responsible for slow streaming including network connectivity, bandwidth issues or CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) network. Hence, when concluded, video streaming relies upon network infrastructure and CDN service. Therefore, for proper video streaming, you must own an uninterrupted network connection from your router to the Roku streaming stick.

Low Signal Strength Message: In case your Roku streaming stick flashes ‘low signal strength’ message on your TV screen, then you may experience issues related to video playback. It could be because of a weak signal strength of your wireless network. This can be improved by doing as follows:

  • Go to Settings > Network.
  • If your Roku device is not connected, click on Setup new wireless connection and follow as instructed.
  • Once your device is connected to the router, the signal strength prompts on your screen as ‘poor’, ‘fair’, ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.
  • If your signal strength is good or excellent and you are still facing issues, then either move wireless interference things like cordless phones, ovens, etc. away from your router or check whether your internet package is recharged with enough data to provide speed for streaming.
  • If your signal strength is fair or poor, then you need to move your router closer to the Roku device and remove all kind of obstacles between them for a stronger signal.
  • If you are still facing issues, then move your Roku streaming stick away from your television by using a free HDMI extender cable.

Private Listening Related Issues: The ‘Private Listening’ feature allows you to listen to audio from your Roku device via a pair of headphones with a condition that your remote must have a headphone jack. This feature is functional only through the Roku mobile app. Following are the issues can be faced by the Roku user.

  • If you use the app and don’t see the headphones icon on your screen, then you need to update your app.
  • If you insert the headphones or activate private listening while the video is playing and suddenly, video stops and restarts itself for video-audio synchronization. To avoid such situations, insert the headphones or activate private listening before you start streaming your favorite stuff.
  • If you experience any other audio related issue, then check the volume of your device or connected headphones.

These were some of the issues that slow down the functioning of the Roku Activation link. If you follow the instructions as mentioned, then you can enjoy your streaming channels seamlessly.

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