Roku Remote Pairing Issues- How To Solve

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You want to watch your favorite TV show and your Roku remote is not pairing with Roku device. Well, this is not the big issue. But due to this issue, your entertainment comes to a halt. If you want to get rid of this issue, then firstly, you have to understand the reasons behind this. If you will know the reasons then only you can solve this issue easily. The pairing issue means that your Roku remote is unable to communicate with your Roku device.For this, you can also take Roku setup technical help.

Roku remote not functioning

If you find that your Roku remote Is unable to communicate with the Roku device, then firstly, try to take the remote near to the Roku device. After that, check out for its batteries. Now check if the condition of the batteries is proper and have been inserted properly. After checking this, close the remote properly. The pairing of the remote is done at the start up time and when you go through the guided setup. You will see a status light which glows in the front side of the Roku device. If this light glows just once, then the issue is not with the remote but the somewhere else.

Remote not getting synced

If you still face the issue of remote pairing after taking remote closer to the device, there might be the issue of synching. For this unplug the power adapter for few seconds and then plug it back. After opening the compartment of the batteries, bring the remote close to the device. You will find a pairing button inside the compartment and you have to press that button three times. After pressing the buttons wait for 10 seconds till you see the LED stopped flashing. Now try to use your remote again. Another reason for this issue could be non-completion of the process of Roku activation link code.

Non-paring of Roku remote & Roku device

If you are unable to pair your remote and Roku device, then go to home screen > settings > remote pairing. Now follow the instructions that you will see on your TV screen. After the process is complete, test your remote whether it has been paired or not. If not, then unplug your device from the power adapter. You must know that there are A and B buttons on Roku player. You have to press these buttons and hold them for few seconds. After this press the pairing button that you will find at the back of your device’s remote. When you will release this button, you will see the LED light flashing for the three times which is the indication of the remote clearance. For information, you can take Roku support.

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