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Roku is the platform that gives you access to the massive range of channels and a huge variety of content. Roku setup has many channels and one of these channels is Roku Spectrum TV. This channel gives you more choice for watching your favorite content. You can watch live TV and on demand content, browse guide listings and much more. Roku also offers the audio guide which is compatible with Spectrum TV, as a part of its accessibility features.

The Spectrum TV is available on all the streaming devices of Roku excluding 1st generation Roku devices that are connected to the internet. The Spectrum TV for the Roku devices is available only for the customers who have got the subscription for any Spectrum TV or internet plan. The subscription level chosen by the user determines the access of the channels that a user will get. The Spectrum TV app for the Roku users is only for the home use with the help of internet modem which is linked to your Spectrum account. The availability of the content on the channel depends upon the location and subscription level. At present, the pay per view of the Spectrum TV for streaming is not available. The parental control settings of the channel may also affect the availability of the channel on your device. So, activate Roku now for getting this channel on your device.

For the first time users

If you are using your Roku streaming player for the first time, then, first of all, create your Roku account and complete the process Roku link code activation. After ensuring the completeness of the Roku registration, use your Roku remote for adding the Spectrum TV channel on your device. You have to select the option of Getting started or Watch TV and sign in with your Spectrum TV credentials. After entering use the arrows buttons and press the option of OK for confirmation. When prompted, scroll through and choose I agree for accepting the terms and conditions. Next time onwards, you will automatically be signed in to your Spectrum TV account when you open the app.


For the current users

The Spectrum TV app is available for the Roku devices and the users can download it from the Roku channel store. The newer generation devices may get the prompts for adding and installing the channel on their devices. You can add the channel on your device with the help of the Roku remote. After adding the channel open the Spectrum TV channel and follow all the instructions for completing the installation of the channel on your device. After that, you will automatically be signed in if you have previously installed the app on your Roku.

Removing old Spectrum channel

For uninstalling the Spectrum TV app from your Roku device follow these steps:

  • First of all, go to My channels.
  • Now scroll to Spectrum TV.
  • Choose Options by pressing the star button on your Roku remote.
  • Choose the option of remove channel and after that confirm when prompted.
  • You can get more information at Roku com/link activation.

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