The Error of Roku Account Setup while using Guest Wi-fi

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If you have the basic knowledge of electronic gadgets, then using Roku will not be complex for you. Some people love traveling and they want to keep their entertainment with them. So, they prefer to take Roku with them. But now they have faced the issue of hooking up Roku on guest wi-fi. The issue is absolutely normal since every wi-fi network is different so the setup process of account on them will also be different. So, we will let you know how can you resolve the Roku account setup error. Though you can also take Roku technical support, we have also come up with the steps that you would need to follow:

  • All the things will be very easy for you if there would be an ethernet cable with you where you want to use wi-fi. But the things will be different for a wireless wi-fi network.
  • Firstly, search the available networks nearby and choose the right one.
    Then enter the necessary login credentials of the wi-fi network.
  • There are devices such as HooToo that can be used for setting up the dedicated wi-fi network. But if you are not interested in getting another device, then you will have to get the Roku activation code from the official site.
  • Now there will a code that you will need to enter for making your Roku work on the guest wi-fi.
  • That’s it. If everything goes right, then you are ready to go with streaming the content as per your desire.

You can take Roku customer support service in case you are not able to access the guest wi-fi network. Your main intent should be the saving of your time and that can only be done with the help of support center. You can stream any content by having the activation code of Roku even on guest wi-fi also. There is no other device that can be setup up so easily as Roku account setup. So, you just need to follow properly the above-mentioned steps and you will be able to enjoy your Roku on guest wi-fi as well. In a case of any query or information, you can call on Roku technical support phone number.

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