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The best option for watching the online television is to watch Hulu. Hulu is the service which is for everyone who doesn’t want any cable TV because you will get the access to all the ongoing shows. This is the stuff that you will not get on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. If you want to enjoy Hulu or already have the subscription for the Hulu, then there are some tips and tricks by which you can enjoy and get the excellent experience. There are three things that you must start:

Access Hulu outside the US

One of the biggest reasons for not cutting the cord completely is the availability of the content is limited to the areas. This means that if by chance for any reason, you have to leave the US, then watching Hulu will not be possible for you. The most recommended method is to pay for VPN that will allow you the video streaming. My preferred VPN is used for accessing the private internet access since it is cost effective. There are some other workarounds which include DNS tunneling and unblocking the browser extensions. You should go for these options only if VPN doesn’t work for you. Roku support will help you out in these issues.

Defeat lag using Router QoS

You might have gone with the bandwidth issues when someone in your family uses your bandwidth for the playing games online, download movies from torrents or want to watch Hulu and much more. If you want a better user experience and streaming experience, then you must have a good bandwidth or must be the limited number users on the same network. If your viewing experience is not getting pleasant due to internet congestion, then you must upgrade your modem or router and with the help of Quality of service prioritize your bandwidth. QoS will help in getting the better Hulu experience on Roku platform. Roku help can be taken in this regard.

Tracking new episodes with watch list

Watch list is the feature which is available on Hulu over the Netflix or Amazon Prime video and it makes them easy to use. But Hulu has so many HD shows for watching and organizing the watch list becomes a difficult task. But there is another feature in Hulu which automatically adds the new episodes directly to the watch list as soon as they become available for streaming. Then there will be no need to add the shows to the watch list as they will directly add to the list. For this, you have to go on the page of the particular show and click on the + watch list for adding the episodes of the show. If you find any issue, then you contact Roku support number.

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